2016 Idaho Author Award Winner for Top 5 Nonfiction.
2016 Idaho Author Award Winner for Top 5 Nonfiction.
Adoption: Another Option book review!
7's HERO: Megan Bryant 
About Megan
Megan Bryant is passionate about loving others, laughing together, and sharing true stories that shape our lives. 17 years ago Megan graduated high school 5 months pregnant. In order to avoid burdening her friends and family, and to dodge any potential judgement, she hid the pregnancy and endured the process without outside support. Not knowing what to do, she remained focused solely on the responsibility she had for the growing life inside her. 

Megan chose adoption. Her story has some unique twists, but fits well in line with the emotional struggles involved in countless unplanned pregnancies all over the world. 

Currently, Megan creates her own brand of therapy as a professional improv and stand-up comic. She is the founder of Idaho Laugh Fest and Zip Zap Zop, has been a wife to Mike for 14 years and is the mother of three young children of her own!
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